8 Resume Writing Tips to Get You the Desired Job

Top 8 Resume Writing Tips to Get You the Desired Job

Before applying for a job you should know the difference between a CV and a resume because you might be sending out circular vitae to get your desired job. And that’s the thing you should not do. Because you use that document for educational purposes and not to get a job. If you need to get a job your heart desires, good ‘resume writing is what you need. 

Many people don’t know this but there’s a thin line between resume and CV. These initials are short for curriculum vitae and the word is derived from a Latin origin that means course of life. So, it is a sort of document you use to describe the course of your whole career in detail whether it’s your award, medal, achievements, grades anything related to your education. Whereas the resume is a two-page document you need to talk about your skills and work experience related to a certain job opening. Does it ring any bells about why you didn’t get a call back from all those organizations where you dropped a CV instead of a well-written resume?

Eight tips to generate a fine resume!

Anyways, no need to be worried anymore because we have got your back. In this article, we will unleash eight sharp ends you need to use in your resume. And we are positive that this is going to get you your desired job.

Be precise 

Since recruiters have to go through many applications all day long, hence; there’s a possibility that they won’t pay attention to your resume. Unless… it has a hook or it is precise and to the point. Many people try to write everything in two pages and end up fluffing their application which is not a good idea. Try to make it readable so that the hiring committee won’t be bored. Besides, don’t use heavy words or vocabulary that has become so mainstream. 

Mention your strength 

According to the requirements, why are you perfect for the job? You are going to be asked this question in every interview so better be prepared. Mention your strengths in your resume. What expertise do you possess that can be beneficial for the company. Apart from that, mention your best qualities in general. Oh, and you can also take help from custom resume makers in Dubai to get an idea.

Be professional 

Try to be as professional as you can be because this will be your first impression on the recruiter. Therefore, it shouldn’t be extra or any less. Watch your language, and grammar, and use your punctuation wisely. Make sure you are avoiding unnecessary details and not using non-professional slang. 

What’s your education?

However, everyone should be aware of this point because this is as important as anything else. A potential employer who is supposed to shortlist candidates needs to know about your highest level of education. While adding your educational details keep everything in sequence your high school, college, university everything. It will help the employer to make a clear judgment. 

Avoid irrelevant experience 

When you are applying for a specific position then it’s okay to tailor your resume a little and exclude irrelevant experience. Instead of that, you can add proficiency related to the applied position. However, if you are applying generally you can add up different experiences and expertise. 

Be honest 

There is only one rule to success and that is honesty! There is no point in lying on your resume because it is considered dishonesty. It simply won’t take you anywhere nor will you get a job just because you have lied about your education and experience. So, isn’t it better to be honest about everything to avoid consequences?

Don’t make it different than your LinkedIn profile 

Once you are done making your resume don’t forget to match it with your LinkedIn profile. The reason for doing that is simple, today almost every recruiter uses LinkedIn to research candidates. Hence, consider updating your profile frequently. You can also mention your profile’s URL in your resume just in case it’s necessary. It’s easier that way. You can follow more job openings with LinkedIn so keep both of the things updated. 


Whenever you compose a piece of resume writing, the first thing you do after completing is to give it a read so that you know, you have not made a major mistake. Or even if you have, you get time to undo or re-write it. But the best time to proofread your writing is after an hour or a day or if you are facing issues then hire the best resume editing services from expert writers. 


There you have all of the eight resume writing tips that will promise you a job you have always wanted. Try these suggestions and be the judge yourself but keep one thing in mind, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple but interesting to catch the eye of the recruiter or hiring committee. We wish you good luck for your next interview!

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